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Sun, Apr 11
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We are Water
Brand New video for Health second album Get Color, directed by Eric Wareheim. Health are the new fresh side of the noise music.

HEALTH "We are Water" from Eric Wareheim on Vimeo.

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Fri, Apr 09
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Remember Last Time
Avi Buffalo is the adopted name of Avigdor Zahner-Isenberg, an 18 year-old singer/songwriter and guitarist from Long Beach, CA. Avi Buffalo is also the name of the band he formed with Rebecca Coleman (keyboards and vocals) and friends like-minded collaborators Sheridan Riley (drums), Arin Fazio (bass). It (Avi Buffalo) is also the name of his/their debut full-length album, which we are just ridiculously puffed-up about releasing on April 27, 2010. This is a preview in andvance.

Fri, Apr 09
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Magnetic Warrior + european tour
Archie Bronson Outfit is going to release their 3rd album under Domino Records, here is the video from new single and dates for their european tour: APRIL 13 Cabaret Aleatoire - Le Havre, 14 La Maroquinerie - Paris, 15 Pourdriere - Belfort, 16 Epicerie Moderne - Lyon, 17 La Cooperative de Mai Club - Clermont Ferrand, 18 St Gervais - Bienne, 20 Mascotte - Zurich, 21 Casa 139 - Milan, 22 Circolo degli Artisti - Rome, 23 Spazio 211 - Turin, 24 Bronson - Ravenna, 26 Universum - Stuttgart, 27 Gebaude 9 - Koln, 28 Molotov - Hamburg, 30 Atomic Cafe - Munich, MAY: 01 Beatpol - Dresden, 02 Magnet - Berlin. 04 Paradiso - Amsterdam, 05 Cactus - Brugge, 06 Merleyn - Nijmegen, 07 Botanique - Brussels.

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